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The Brewerton Center for the Arts, also known as the Old Stone Church, holds a significant place as an important historic landmark in Brewerton, NY. Situated in the heart of our community, this captivating structure serves as a testament to our local history. However, time has taken its toll, and the exterior of this cherished building is now in dire need of repair and renovation. It is our duty to honor and preserve this beautiful and inspirational piece of our heritage. Together, let's rally and bestow upon this special building the love and attention it truly deserves!

The Brewerton Center for the Arts, a 501c3 Non Profit is reaching out to the community for much-needed donations to support several important initiatives. First and foremost, we are aiming to install a handicap ramp at the back entrance, ensuring accessibility for all individuals to enjoy our facilities. Additionally, this beautiful historic building requires extensive renovations, including trim work and painting for both the main building and the smaller structure located behind the Stone Church. Moreover, the replacement of the hand railing on the front steps is crucial to guarantee the safety of our visitors. We are fortunate and grateful to have received The Main Street Beautification Grant from Onondaga County Community Development which will cover 75% of the cost, while your kind donations will contribute towards the other 25% match needed to complete these important projects. Lastly, we aspire to beautify this historic landmark, restoring its grandeur and preserving its significance in our community's history. We extend our deepest gratitude to those who generously contribute to these endeavors, recognizing the invaluable impact of their support in enriching the cultural experience for all.

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